First Choice for a SECOND OPINION

We offer written opinions on any money laundering reporting issue.
All reports are signed off by David Winch personally.

This service is available on a case by case basis or by regular subscription. We are able to offer this service to most businesses that operate in the regulated sectors, including: Accountants, Lawyers, Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Money Service Operators.


  • Email your query direct to David Winch by clicking the link below.
  • We will provide an emailed response within 5 working days which you can print and retain in your files.
  • We normally charge £150 plus VAT per report. If the presented problem is complex we reserve the right to quote an increased fixed fee. 

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  • Lodge your enquiries in secure virtual office facility.
  • We aim to have a reply available for download within 5 working days. We will notify you by email that our opinion is ready for you to view – online. To see an example of the type of report we send download this word file.
  • All comments exchanged are kept completely private and secure - for your eyes only and each reply is signed off by David Winch.

What will it cost?

Monthly subscription - £30 plus VAT

  • invoiced quarterly, paid by standing order - 90 days notice to quit, low risk.
  • first 4 opinions provided in each month are included in the subscription. (If the case presented is complex we reserve the right to quote separately)

If it's likely that you will need more than 3 opinions a year - the monthly option is more cost effective.

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All new monthly support contracts will include the issue of a formal certificate setting out the scope of the services MLRO Support provides for your practice.

If you decide to use our services on a Case by Case basis we can provide you with a similar certificate for £50 plus VAT per year.

This certificate can be used to evidence the steps you have taken to comply with Money Laundering Regulations 2007.

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