Bi-Annual Regional Training Option: Accountancy Firms only.

As most firms will be aware the changes to the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations on the 15 December 2007 create an imperative to update the required training of principal officers (MLRO and deputy) and other staff.

Location - To cater for this from February 2008 we will be running a series of annual regional training events for accountancy firms. The exact locations and dates will be notified as demand on a regional basis becomes apparent. As a guide we intend to offer locations in Leeds, Birmingham, Heathrow (London) and Bristol. If we have sufficient interest we will also set up training days in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Format - Each training day will consist of a morning session, 9am to 1pm, for MLRO, deputy and other principals and staff. During the morning session David will deliver a general update. The content will be interactive. Course notes and a certificate of attendance will be supplied to append to staff training files. The afternoon session 2pm to 4.30pm will be for the MLRO and deputy only. David will lead a short review of the morning session and follow up with a practical update focussing on practical day-to-day issues that MLRO’s are obliged to deal with. This final session will allow time for officers to table their own questions to David.

Frequency – We are of the opinion that twice yearly updates/training of partners and staff is sufficient to meet the requirements of best practice and the legislation.

CostMLRO’s and deputies will be charged £225 per person plus VAT for a full days training. All other principals and staff who attend a training event will be charged £45 plus VAT per person. Firms may also like to consider a Combined Subscription. The combined services include our monthly support service, access to our online policy and procedures manual and a training contract. We offer a significant discount and monthly payment terms.

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